Replicable Business Models for Modern Rural Economies

RUBIZMO project aims to generate jobs and growth in highly diverse rural areas by stimulating the large-scale deployment of successful, innovative business models in the food sector, bio-based value chains and eco-system services.

Rubizmo Objectives:

  • To support modernisation and sustainable growth in rural economies while providing significant potential to create added-value

  • To help communities to become more resilient, and contribute to sustainable use of resources

RUBIZMO will identify 50 successful business cases and 20 new business models, and explore conditions for replication to develop four practical, user-oriented tools:

  • A virtual library of business cases, to inspire and inform potential entrepreneurs about business opportunities;

  • Guidelines on creating favourable conditions for the deployment of innovative business models, to help public authorities and rural networks create adequate framework conditions for rural innovation;

  • A toolkit for clustering and network development in rural areas;

  • A transformation support tool, to help individual entrepreneurs understand which business models are best adapted to their situation, and how to go about implementing change.

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