BIOCHEM was a EU-funded project aiming at improving the innovation capacity of bio-based chemistry start-ups and SMEs. Gate2Growth was a partner in the BIOCHEM project.

BIOCHEM provided a business support toolbox for entrepreneurs in order to assess their potential to enter the bio-based products market and to overcome their barriers to innovation.

To access BIOCHEM information and tools, use this link or go directly to the toolbox /BIOCHEM/.

The BIOCHEM tools

The BIOCHEM tools are of a varied format: some are documents, some are links to relevant websites and others are on-line interactive tools. The different tools are tailored to the specific needs of companies who operate (or wish to operate) within the bio-based products sector. It is highly recommended that a partner in the BIOCHEM project guides your organization through the Toolbox process.

The BIOCHEM Partnering Platform

The BIOCHEM Partnering Platform provides online services to build and enlarge you personal network of contacts within the European bio-based product community. The specific search engine is based on 3600 SMEs, industry organizations, universities and research facilities from all over Europe.

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