Controlling Microbiomes Circulations for Better Food Systems

Despite increased recognition for the microbiome, there is an urgent need of studies providing decision-makers, academia and companies with an integrated vision of and testing microbiomes impact on food systems, from farm to fork. CIRCLES will deeply explore microbiomes (bacteria, fungi and viruses) dynamics and connections across all the actors (from farm to fork) of 7 food systems relevant to the EU market: spinach, tomatoes, poultry, pigs, Atlantic salmon aquaculture, seabream aquaculture and fisheries (wild Atlantic salmon and seabream).

To achieve this goal, CIRCLES foresees 3 main phases:

  • Discovery phase, aimed at improving microbiome knowledge

  • Translation phase, aimed at exploiting knowledge to design and test concrete and innovative microbiome applications

  • Communication phase, aimed at increasing the awareness of the general public on microbiome innovations

CIRCLES consortium members (public):

CIRCLES consortium members (commercial):

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