Get ready for the EIC Accelerator (former H2020 SME Instrument)

With a Master Class by one of its authors

Are you ready for the European innovation champions' league?

The Master Class
While it is simple to apply for the EIC Accelerator (H2020 SME Instrument) Grant, it does require knowledge and understanding of how projects are evaluated, in order to formulate a successful application and get funded.

This is the objective of the four-hour EIC Accelerator Master Class, which will go through:

  • An overview of the funding programme

  • Application guidelines and the background for the formulation and phrasing

  • Case examples

  • Understanding the evaluation process

  • Lessons learned

About the teacher

Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen
PhD in Economics, Operation Research and Statistics, and author of the book How to Attract Investors, a personal guide to understanding their mindset and requirements. He has many years of practical Venture Capital experience and served as Chairman of the expert group who advised D. G. Research on the H2020 SME application guidelines and evaluation criteria. He is also Vice-Chairman of the Horizon 2020 Risk Financing Advisory Group and the H2020 International Cooperation Advisory Group.

What is the EIC Accelerator?

The EIC Accelerator is a co-funding scheme aimed at providing innovative Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) capital to overcome the classic "valley of death" gaps in public and private funding.

The programme offers SMEs funding possibilities, in the form of grants, ranging between 500.000-2.500.000 EUR, to undertake research and development with the emphasis on demonstration and market replication. Funded projects typically span 1-2 years but could be longer in exceptional and well-justified cases.

Are you the next SME that is going to get financed?

  • Will you be able to pull your business with this idea?

  • Will it deliver something beyond people's imagination?

  • Are potential customers willing to buy and use your product/solution?

  • Will it be the game changer in the market that you are going to enter?

While everybody can write applications for the EIC Accelerator, however *to write successful applications and get funded* is an art. We have experience in assisting in writing a successful application. We can coach you through the entire writing process and confront you with all the requirements for a potentially successful application. Just contact us and get started!

For more information about the EIC Accelerator (H2020 SME Instrument), please click here.

More about the EIC Accelerator (Horizon 2020 SME Instrument)

  • It is part of EU's new Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, targeting SMEs

  • Nearly 2.8 billion EUR funding for SMEs available from 2014 to 2020

  • Focus on taking great ideas from the lab to the market

  • It is an intelligent new EU co-funding scheme of business excellence and a feeding channel for growth via "Risk Financing"

  • The aim is, via a quality evaluation process, to create new leading world businesses and move Europe forward in the global market of research, growth and innovation

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