Grass-based circular business models for rural agri-food value chains

The main objective in GO-GRASS is to create new business opportunities in rural areas based on grassland and green fodder. The concept will be demonstrated in four EU regions at small scale, ensuring its replicability all through the rural communities of the EU. The four promising regional demo sites are located in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

What are the objectives of GO-GRASS?

The project is divided as follows:

  • Develop 4 promising business cases for high-value bio-based products obtained from grassland.

  • Implement and test these business cases in 4 European regions: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

  • Adapt already developed tools from previous/ongoing FP7 and H2020 projects to overcome challenges and benefit from opportunities identified.

  • Create favorable business environments in rural areas by providing support training for entrepreneurs, business support entities and policy actors.

  • Ensure successful demo implementations and foster experience exchange, mutual learning, social innovation strategies and engaging relevant stakeholders.

  • Integrate the circular economy in rural areas through the implementation of the bio-based economy concept.

  • Maximize the replication potential in other rural regions and outreach of project results by the development of guidelines and recommendations, promoting best practices and training and creating further feedback mechanisms on regulations and policy measures.

  • Create a European network and link up with already existing networks and producer groups to enhance the outreach of the project.

More information can be found on the project website.

Our participation in the project:

Gate2Growth performs the economic assessment of the entire project and is in charge of developing suitable business models and the exploitation strategy. Gate2Growth are also in charge of the replication and capacity building activities developed under GO-GRASS.

GO-GRASS consortium members:

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