Greenovate! Europe

What is it?

Greenovate! Europe is an independent European expert group dedicated to open innovation for sustainable business. Its members are experienced professionals with business and technical expertise able to facilitate innovation processes for environmental technologies along the entire innovation value chain from research to market.

Greenovate! Europe is a membership-based non-for-profit structure headquartered in Brussels. Its partners are spread throughout Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Lahti, London, Madrid, Milan, Nice, Nicosia, Pamplona, Stuttgart and Vienna.

It has extended networks into those communities related to eco-innovation (science, clusters, intermediaries, SMEs, finance).

The core expertise of Greenovate! Europe

The core expertise of Greenovate! Europe relates to:

  • Knowledge identification and acquisition: technology scouting, licensing-in and spinning-in ventures

  • Collaborative innovation: customer and lead user involvement, R&D collaboration, expert knowledge

  • Knowledge commercialization: marketing R&D and technologies, licensing-out, spinning-out new ventures and technology sale

  • Cross-cutting services: strategic analysis, technical and commercial evaluation of knowledge and technologies, legal services and IPR management, access to finance and open innovation training

  • Sectoral focus: all technologies and services that have a positive life-cycle impact on the environment, such as renewables, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, water and waste water, land and soil remediation, clean production processes, bio-based products, etc.

For more information, consult Greenovate! Europe's official website.

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