Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector

The project's collaborative approach was directed towards optimizing resource efficiency across selected manufacturing value chains in an integrated way, with a focus on overcoming often poorly adapted interfaces between companies through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

To achieve optimal results, application of simultaneous, multiple objective optimization was required not only of the total consumption of energy and raw materials resources but also of other supplies. The approach included the reduction of waste streams through prevention or recycling.

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Our participation in MEMAN

Gate2Growth was in charge of the exploitation of the knowledge created in MEMAN. To prepare the consortium partners for the commercial exploitation of the results as early as possible in the project, a series of internal exploitation workshops were organized.

Additionally, business models were developed to support the commercialization of each individual project result. Identifying the most appropriate business model(s) required to fine tune the exploitation ambitions and to make them plausible on the basis of the anticipated customer expectations and requirements.

Gate2Growth also led the testing and validating of the business models with candidate knowledge adopters. This step is, in general, crucial for obtaining early feedback from potential end users and represents a critical success factor for the subsequent market take-up.

Moreover, Gate2Growth contributed with expert advice on the topics of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) management and standardization, as well as on exploitation risk management by setting up a risk management plan addressing both internal and external factors.

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