Innovation and business development for knowledge-based bio-economy projects

The ProBIO project aims to improve research and the application of its results, which are often disconnected due to an information and knowledge gap, as well as to address institutional and conceptual barriers between researchers, innovators, producers, end-users, policy makers and the civil society.

ProBIO approaches Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) projects with the aim of accelerating innovation processes in three ways:

  • Accelerating entry to market through business coaching of the most promising R&D results

  • Facilitating the flow of knowledge into new R&I projects in view of reaching a higher TRL level

  • Feeding policy-relevant results into the political process to inform policy making

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How does ProBIO work?

The methodology of ProBIO is individualized coaching-based approaches towards KBBE project holders and sectorial expertise, bringing an added value to support services.

Step by step, the aim is to:

  • Understand the challenge and address it with the right set of people from the ProBIO consortium

  • Build up business proposals so that they pass investor scrutiny

  • Screen the available R&D results that might have potential for update in one form or another

  • Assess the potential and classify the results according to the most promising uptake route

  • Coach the teams behind the B3Os towards the next steps for the exploitation of their results

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