The ProNano project offered free of charge advisory and coaching services to companies, research institutions or persons interested in the commercial exploitation of their scientific results in nanotechnology.

The aim was to facilitate businesses by obtaining equity financing or licensing agreement, within various industrial applications involving the use of nanotechnology.

Impressive results were achieved during the project period (2010-2012):

  • 49 technologies proposed for commercialization were evaluated

  • 32 technologies were a priori considered as business opportunities

  • 20 technologies proved to be "truly commercially promising" and received intensive coaching

  • 6 spin-offs were created with the help of private investors, 2 licensing deals were concluded, and a total of more than 6 million EUR investment in the projects was raised

On normal commercial terms, Gate2Growth will still provide similar services to research teams with valuable research results in nanoscience, nanotechnology, materials and new production technologies that may be ready for commercialization within a two-year time frame.

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