Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits

SLIM is financed by European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme, under the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

What are the objectives of SLIM?

The development of SLIM will bring an economic cost-effective exploitation of European mineral resources, with a reduced environmental impact and enhanced social acceptance. A set of specific objectives highlighting the focus of the project have been defined:

  • To unlock a substantial volume of mineral resources from deposits in the EU

- small mining: access to 15% locked resources
- complex ore: access to 4% locked resources

  • To reach a cost-effective mining paradigm also by reducing the mining investment cost

  • To affect positively the relevant mining value chain facilitating processing and metallurgy

  • To develop sustainable, low-impact mining which will allow bringing mining activities closer to populated areas

  • To increase knowledge about and build trust in the resource companies and enhance acceptance of their activities

  • To develop a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and life-cycle analysis in order to assess the socioeconomic impact and the potential job creation in the mining sector

More information can be found on project's official website.

Our participation in the project

Gate2Growth performs the economic assessment of the entire project and is in charge of the exploitation strategy for the results developed under SLIM. Building on our in-depth expertise in business modelling and in evaluating business potential, we will develop the relevant exploitation strategies and the associated partner and funding strategies. Concretely, Gate2Growth will be producing the following:

  • An easy-to-use practical guide for conducting cost-benefit analysis for the mining sector

  • Practical guidelines for implementing a structured innovation management process

  • Identification of business opportunities and associated business models

  • Identification of exploitation strategies and securing open access to exploitation and dissemination strategies for non-commercial project results and methodologies

SLIM consortium members:

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