Partner in EU-funded projects

Current projects

Since incorporation, Gate2Growth has been involved in more than 25 different EU projects and has through these projects acquired in-depth and cross-sector industry knowledge and business experience. Gate2Growth is normally the "business development, funding and exploitation" partner in these EU projects.

  • NewTechAqua (2020-2023): New Technologies, Tools and Strategies for a Sustainable, Resilient and Innovative European Aquaculture

  • SEALIVE (2019-2023): Strategies of Circular Economy and Advanced Bio-Based Solutions to Keep Our Lands and Seas Alive from Plastics Contamination

  • GO-GRASS (2019-2023): Grass-Based Circular Business Models for Rural Agri-Food Value Chains

  • DEEP PURPLE (2019-2023): Conversion of Diluted Mixed Urban Bio-Wastes into Sustainable Materials and Products in Flexible Purple Photobiorefineries

  • CIRCLES (2018-2023): Controlling Microbiomes Circulations for Better Food Systems

  • LIBERATE (2018-2022): Lignin Biorefinery Approach using Electrochemical Flow

  • RUBIZMO (2018-2021): Replicable Business Models For Modern Rural Economies

  • SLIM (2016-2020): Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits based on advanced rock blasting and environmental technologies

Previous projects

ProBio project result evaluation by external EU experts: "the ProBio Project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact".

Gate2Growth has been partner in the following EU-funded projects, which have covered many business and technology sectors.

Unless indicated otherwise, our roles in the projects have been exploitation strategies, investor readiness coaching and investor search. Our extensive pan-European network of partners and colleagues has been created through participation in these numerous projects:

  • MEMAN (2015-2018): Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector

  • ProBIO (2015-2017): Innovation and business development for knowledge-based bio-economy projects

  • SIforAGE (2012-2016): Social and commercial innovation for the elderly population in Europe

  • INNEON (2013-2016): Focus on generating agreements between entrepreneurs and investors that bring eco-innovative ideas to the market

  • EuroPruning (2014-2016): Focus on economic analysis of commercial exploitation of pruning waste

  • LightJumps (2014-2016): Focus on commercialization and funding support to Photonics technology projects from entrepreneurs, research centers and universities within the EU

  • InnoWater (2009-2013): Focus on innovation within the water and water technology sector

  • BioChem (2009-2013): Focus on biochemical sector

  • ProNano (2009-2011): Focus on innovation and business development within the Nanotechnology sector

  • Synergy (2007-2010): Focus on distributed energy resource sector

  • EASY-project (2007-2008): Focus on supporting entrepreneurs in obtaining funding

  • mCluster (2007-2008): Focus on development of sector-specific clusters in Europe; our focus was on tools and services for investor readiness analysis

  • ENFFI (2006-2009): Focus on Food and Food Technology

  • Injection (2006-2007): Focus on medical devices

  • ProRett (2005-2007): Focus on eco-innovation support

  • InvestorNet (2003-2007): Focus on creation of a pan-European early stage investor network; our focus was on network management

  • SunSup (2003-2006): Focus on business development and investor relations

  • Gate2Growth (2001-2004): Focus on funding possibilities for SMEs and building networks of investors, innovation clusters, public support organizations and IPR services

  • Euro4You (2000-2002): Focus on funding possibilities for entrepreneurs

Furthermore, Gate2Growth conducted an integrated investor readiness training and individual company coaching during 2012-2013 for Malta Enterprise in Malta.

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